Length : 27.5
Width : 8
Concave with kicktail
Stiff flex
Art : Reno Aces tattooist and renowned artist
Jonny Mccann . Follow jonny on Instagram

Comes with :
Independent trucks
Powel Peralta wheels
Mini Logo bearings
Mob Grip grip tape



The pony express is perfect for kids and adults . This board is slighltly bigger than a mini board and is perfect for beginners and advanced . It carves tight little turns and is light and travel friendly. With a slightly bigger stance than a mini board this little pony will get up and go . Perfect for the whole family .

Alot of people do not know that in 1860 the first mail system in the United the Pony Express cut through Southlake Tahoe delivering mail from St Joseph Missouri to Sacramento. We commemorate the Pony Express in Southlake Tahoe with this one of a kind art piece from Reno / Tahoe Local artist Jonny Mccann . Jonny has graced the cover of Tattoo Internal magazine with his whimsical colorful style and attention to detail