Talmont 52


TALMONT 52 ( the snowboard of the street )

Length : 52 inches
Width ( widest point ) : 10 .75
Wheel base ( adjustable ) 36-38 inch
Wheel wells : custom brushed

Comes with :
Arsenal trucks
Ahmyo wheels
Bones bearings
Mob extra coarse grip


The new 2018 Talmont is here ! We first made this board 20 yrs ago and it is our pride and joy . It’s the same Talmont you originally fell in love with but we have added an adjustable wheel base to accommodate old and modern truck setups. Both standard and reverse king pins are welcomed . We also custom cut and brushed the wheel wells to allow big or small wheels . A true longboard in every sense . From walking the nose, or cruising to the store, to slashing and bombing the mountain, this board is the ultimate. With its perfect flex and torsion this board will bend to all your needs . You can even do tandem with your wife or the kids . Perfect board to teach your girlfriend on . THIS IS A REAL LONGBOARD!!!


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