Before longboards hit the market, there were little options to take on big hills. The roads in Tahoe were way too steep and chundery to bomb with a small board. And shit let's be honest, we are snowboarders at heart. We were looking for a different feeling than the rest. We needed something that could handle the local hills and the speed. 

We were just a couple snowboarders with no skate parks and tons of hills in Tahoe. We decided to start making homemade longboards at our homes right here in Squaw Valley and Tahoe City.

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They love our boards and you will too!

Hey Chuck! I hope all is well in these crazy times! So I got a Talmont when I was back in high school and it’s been my all time favorite board from bombing hills to cruising the streets. I’m now 31 and I still ride it… Thanks for making such a great board!


I grew up west coast style, meaning skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and just action anything in general.  I still ride my Tahoe longboard, I always will. I love your board, it was my main commuter for a few years, I put that board through the ringer, that's for sure, it never wavered, not once!! Of course I have gone through many sets of wheels but everything else is still original, just the way I got it😁



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